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Human Capital

Our human capital team are dedicated to continuously attracting, developing and engaging more of the exceptional talent that we need to grow our business and create a world class organization.

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Business Operations Services

The business operations team coordinate various department to achieve their objectives. The team ensure appropriate systems and controls are in place for efficiency of the Concept Group workplace.

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Information Systems and Information Technology

Our IS & IT team are responsible for supporting the routine company operation; provides software development and manages the Concept Nova’s enterprise IOT solutions technology. They manage the way our people interact with technology in support of business processes.

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Business Innovation/Improvement & Strategy

This team includes the group of highly innovative professionals that are responsible for constantly striving to develop strategies that will increase revenue and cause the concept group to operate more efficiently.

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Meet our Management

Chukwuma Ochonogor
CEO Concept Group Limited
Chidimma Onyeokoro
Head Strategy and Marketing
Ikpeminogena Itiekhao
GM Concept Nova Limited