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Implementation Officer [CLOSED]

Software Development
Although this position is currently closed, we are still accepting applications for such a time as when it opens up again.
Job Description

 Provide necessary support in the coordination and management of Installers (Trackers/Telematics
 Carry out pre-deployment hardware tests and product sample testing with R&D
 Installation activities for monitoring hardware in vehicles (trackers, RFID units etc)
 Installation of Fuel monitoring hardware for both stationary and mobile assets
 Installation of other remote monitoring hardware for other solutions
 Technical training of Installers
 Troubleshooting and repair of devices retrieved during health checks
 Liaise with installers on deployment activities and requirements
 Safekeeping and filing of fleet owners’ information for record purposes.
 Maintaining an electronic database of vehicle tracker installers
 Provide necessary support to Research & Development Engineering as well as Recovery & Control

 B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics /Electromechanical /Mechanical/Instrumentation & Control
 Adequate knowledge of microcontroller and microprocessor systems
 Experience with electronic circuits
 Experience and knowledge of Automotive Electronic/Electrical systems
 Keen attention to detail
 Eager and willing to get his/her hands dirty for the on-site deployment of IoT solutions
 Ability to identify potential hardware issues and resolve them in a timely manner

Job Knowledge
 Knowledge of Remote Terminal Units
 Knowledge of Electrical/Electronic
 Knowledge of Electronic Sensors
 Knowledge of Automotive
Electronic/Electrical systems
 Knowledge of Microcontroller and
Microprocessor-based designs

 Knowledge of AutoCAD
 Knowledge of MATLAB/Simulink
 Microsoft Office Suite
 G-Suite
 Problem Solving
 Vehicle diagnosis