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Research & Development Technical Support Officer [CLOSED]

Software Development
Although this position is currently closed, we are still accepting applications for such a time as when it opens up again.
Job Description

 Serve as first level of escalation for all hardware and platform-related issues.
 Carry out configuration of all outgoing hardware in preparation for deployment/installation
 Carry out pre-deployment testing of all hardware to ensure quality control standards are met.
 Provide solutions to technical issues with existing products, integration of client-specific requirements
and expansion of functionalities via new settings and configurations.
 Ensure all devices deployed to client meet firmware update requirements
 Prepare test reports and documentation of problems solved
 Field service activities including preliminary/feasibility inspections and
 Evaluation, testing and experimentation of potential product samples and subsequent bulk
 Provide necessary support to Implementation, Recovery and Control units.

 Bachelor's Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering
 Relevant knowledge of embedded systems and electronic circuits
 Experience with microcontroller or PLC systems
 Ability to carry out data analysis
 Solid troubleshooting skills and the ability to diagnose and solve difficult problems
 Desire to work in a fast-paced environment
 Desire to develop a deep understanding of the business and end-user needs
 Ability to resolve complex issues in creative, efficient, and effective ways
 Ability to interpret wiring diagrams
 Ability to work independently and pro-actively.
 Excellent written and oral communication skills

Job Knowledge
 Knowledge of Remote Terminal Units
 Knowledge of Electrical/Electronic
 Knowledge of Electronic Sensors
 Knowledge of Electronic/Electrical
 Knowledge of Microcontroller and
Microprocessor-based designs

 Sensor technology
 Python, C or C++
 Microsoft Office Suite
 G-Suite
 Problem Solving
 Hardware configuration and diagnosis