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Performance Management Executive (Policy /Structure Development)

Executive Office
Job Description

- Develop job descriptions and KPIs for all roles in the group, ensuring each unit has a job profile bible.
- Design, implement and monitor Performance Management to enable employees and teams understanding of the goals of the Bank and to identify how individual and team outputs contribute to the achievement of the organization’s objectives.
- Ensure targeted communication in the performance management process to enable managers to effectively evaluate and measure individual and team performance and to optimize performance and productivity.
- Manage and coordinate organization-wide efforts to ensure that performance management and performance improvement programs are developed and managed using a data-driven approach that sets priorities for improvements in line with on-going strategic imperatives
- Provide leadership and coordination for Performance Management and improvement initiatives, ensuring their alignment to improving the Bank’s operational and program efficiencies and effectiveness; and ultimately evaluating the impact that these initiatives have on organizational performance
- Continuously seek to improve the performance management process, by taking identified bottlenecks and areas of improvements and preferring solutions to them by updating policies and simulations.
- Continuously seek to improve the performance management process, identify bottlenecks and areas of improvements.

- Minimum a B.Sc. Human Resources, Industrial Relations or a relevant field
- The ideal candidate is expected to have 0-2 years of experience in data analysis. Professional certificates in data
analysis will give an edge to interested candidates.
- Effective Reporting and Communication Skill
- Ability to handle confidential information
- A knowledge of excel above an average position.