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Relationship Manager (Lease) [CLOSED]

Although this position is currently closed, we are still accepting applications for such a time as when it opens up again.
Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

●        Building and maintaining positive relationships with existing clients to maximize value and possible referrals

●        Maximize every opportunity to cross-sell and upsell company’s products and/or services to existing clients

●        Identifying opportunities for strategic partnership for expansion purposes

●        Bridge post consummation process  gaps and serve as a channel of communication between existing B2B Clients and the organization

●        Devising means to increase retention rate, personalizing and fostering long and sustainable business relationship for all existing B2B clients.

●        Maintain interactions with High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs), following up with them for monthly repayment and possible referrals.

●        Drive customer retention through repeat businesses, creating opportunities to cross/up-sell.

●        Develop strong relationships with existing B2B customers through optimal customer service delivery

●        Ensure timely and cost-effective service delivery outcomes to all existing customers.

●        Identify key staff in client companies to cultivate profitable relationships and referrals

●        Expand the relationships with existing clients by continuously proposing solutions that meet their needs

●        Communicate new products to existing clients in a way that they’ll be encouraged to buy-in

●        Log all interactions with clients on log document to facilitate follow up and easy reference

●        Prepare a comprehensive data-driven report on all B2B post transaction activities  to line manager for effective decision making

●        Forward other new opportunities to the appropriate sales team to cross or up-sell

●        Promote high-quality sales, supply and customer service processes

●        Aim to preserve customers and renew contracts for repeat patronage

●        Gain solid knowledge of competitors in order to propose a strategy to drive sales and enhance customer retention.

●        Review old database to encourage repeat business