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Branch Manager (Sales & Operations)

Job Description

Ø  Oversee and manage all aspects of the business such as Accounting, HR, Sales and Operations

Ø  Developing and implementing sales plans and targets, ensuring they are met accordingly.

Ø  Drive sales team to meet individual targets for both liability & risk asset.

Ø  Generate profitable operating leases, assets and liabilities.

Ø  Recruit sales reps and partners to drive the mission of business expansion.

Ø  Segment the region for sales team to ensure better market penetration.    

Ø  Evaluate sales strategies for performance against objectives, and making necessary changes as required.    

Ø  Work closely with the strategy and marketing department to ensure consistency in the look and structure of sales collateral materials, packages and proposals etc.                                      

Ø  Identify, develop, and implement processes towards improving customer satisfaction, sales efficiency, etc.

Ø  Ensure and maintain business relationships, resolving customer problems as needed.

Ø  Ensure the sales teams have adequate skills and information to carry out their duties.

Ø  Assist in evaluating employee performance and providing feedback and coaching as needed.

Ø  Observing and recognizing employee achievements and encouraging excellence in the work environment

Ø  Conducting regular sales and operations meetings.

Ø  Providing necessary sales and operations reports to the head office when due.

Ø  Participating in meetings and reporting accordingly.

Ø  Briefing employees on current sales goals, promotions, and other relevant information

Ø  Organizing marketing activities and events for the branch and increasing brand awareness for the company within the community.

Ø  Interacting with customers on a regular basis to ensure satisfaction and gain useful feedback.

Ø  Ensuring compliance with all applicable laws/regulations for the industry within state and country of branch location

Ø  Assessing market conditions and identifying opportunities.

Ø  Managing budgets, allocating branch funds, operations, logistics  and defining financial objectives.

Ensuring branch adherence to high ethical and professional standards.