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Head, Credit and Risk Management

Credit & Risk Management
Job Description

The Head, credit and Risk Management will:

-          Plan, design and implement an overall risk management process for the organization.

-          Ensure that sound credit risk measurement and monitoring frameworks are developed and implemented throughout the group in a standardized manner.

-          Manage the Company’s Enterprise Risk Management Framework as well as Credit Policy Guidelines

-          Conduct audits of policy and compliance to standards, including liaison with internal and external auditors.

-          Oversee the credit review process for customer credit risk evaluation and credit underwriting/ recommendation.

-          Strategize, build and maintain process improvement across all roles in the Credit department

-          Improve and optimized credit approval, recovery and collection processes as well as operational efficiencies.

-          Enhance and review the company’s Credit Policies and Standards to reflect the best practice and regulate the risk assets of the group as directed by the Board

-          Spearhead the development, improvement and refinement of credit policies, procedures and strategies to enhance the company's risk management platform

-          Monitor all necessary operations, policies and procedures that will help the company meet its risk Management goals whilst managing and quantifying the organization’s ‘risk appetite’.

-          Manage the subordinate staff of the department in the day to day performances of their jobs, while ensuring that departmental projects and activity milestones/goals are met and that all operations adhere to approved policies, budgets and regulations.

-          Coach, supervise and mentor analysts, collections, recovery and underwriting officers for effective, efficient and optimal performances.

-          Develop, manage and optimize the Credit Reporting and Monitoring framework that meets all necessary requirements of both external and internal stakeholders and ensure timely and accurate delivery of all reports.

-          Review strategic credit positions, Credit Limits, levels of provisions and concentrations ensuring that they are within stipulated limits

-          Conduct stress and scenario testing on the Risk Asset portfolio

-          Ensure timely and accurate reporting of information from these, interpret all report information and suggest actions for consideration to and by the relevant stakeholders.

-          Provide requirements and design inputs, particularly with regard to credit risk recognition, measurement and its reporting as part of the core team for implementation of key credit risk related projects (e.g. Credit Management System, IFRS 9 impairment)

-          Manage repayment risk and controlled payment delinquency significantly reducing it

-          Assist in preparation and presentation of the information pack for Board Risk Committee

-          Contribute to system implementation projects in the credit risk space by providing requirements and design inputs, particularly with regard to credit risk recognition and measurement.


-          A degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Accounting or any related role

-          Professional qualifications e.g. CFA/FRM etc.

-          At least 10 years of banking experience, with bulk of it being in the Credit Risk Management domain