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Lead Underwriter

Credit & Risk Management
Job Description

Job Description/Duties:

  • Reviewing & analyzing the creditworthiness of all potential customers based on risk criteria.
  • Performing various departmental functions including loan covenant monitoring, risk rating, audit preparation and recovery when assigned by HOD
  • Reviewing application for credit facilities with a view to pint out deviations from the company’s credit policy and highlight quality assurance issues in credit proposals received from business areas.
  • To evaluate all quantitative details in the applications with a view to make objective decisions based on empirical facts from financial information evaluated.
  • Generating and ensuring that all reports as regards Underwriting and Collections are efficiently and effectively carried out
  • Implementing policies to guide the activities in Underwriting and Collections and Recovery
  • Ensures  turn-around time for each transaction is minimized to the barest minimum.
  • Ensures the credit worthiness of each transaction especially those above the level of junior underwriter by preparing, reviewing and analyzing risk criteria of potential customers
  • Develops and implements strategies for effective credit assessment
  • Reviews application of credit facilities and pointing deviations from the company’s credit policy.
  • Highlights quality assurance issues in credit proposals received from business areas.
  • Ensuring client details, loan amounts, interest rate, guarantor’s details are appropriately booked
  • To communicate to the business areas the credit corners and the quality assurance issues for responses/resolutions.
  • Ensuring that all credit approvals, KYC are in place documentation is duly executed and that the company’s interest is well protected.
  • Conducting credit search (CRS & CRC Report) on credit bureau database.
  • Conducting Email Verification & preparing Transaction Consummation Report.
  • Reviewing transactions for final checklist and approval.

Job Requirements

  • A minimum of 7 years progressive experience in Underwriting.
  • B.Sc qualification in any Risk or Finance related course.

Skills and requirements:

  • Exceptional organizational skills.
  • Excellent numeracy savvy.
  • Great creative, visionary, and critical thinking skills.